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Webinar: Identification and treatment of pigmentary disorders

In this webinar in collaboration with La Roche-Posay, Dr Monisha Gupta covers how to identify and treat pigmentary disorders in primary care.

pigmentary disorders
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In this webinar delivered in collaboration with La Roche-Posay, dermatologist and leading pigmentary disorders authority Dr Monisha Gupta provides exclusive insight into sunscreens, chronic disease in dermatology, and how pigmentary disorders such as melasma and vitiligo present and impact patients across a range of physiological and psychological aspects.

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In the full webinar recording below, explore studies on pigmentary disorders and their reaction to sunlight, lasers, inflammation, injury, and creams.

Learn a practical approach tailored for GPs to identify and treat pigmented skin including unique diseases and treatment complications to ensure individually tailored treatments for your patients in a general practice setting.

Watch the full webinar recording now:


Dr Monisha Gupta is a dermatologist with nearly 30 years of international experience. She is the Head of Phototherapy at the Skin Hospital in Sydney, the Head of the Dermatology Department at Liverpool Hospital (which is the largest training site for dermatology trainees in NSW), the Associate Editor of the Australasian Journal of Dermatology, and is on the Editorial Board of Pigment International. She undertook a two-year upskilling program at Liverpool and Concord Hospitals in Sydney in 2006 and was admitted as a Fellow of the Australasian College of Dermatologists in 2008. She set up Australia’s first Pigmentary Disorders Clinic at The Skin Hospital in 2012 to pursue her interest in treating conditions like vitiligo and melasma. Her main interests are chronic diseases in dermatology – psoriasis, eczema, acne, and vitiligo – and she has expertise in infectious diseases of the skin like leprosy, tuberculosis and leishmaniasis.

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