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Common fungal infections in children

Dr Vincenzo Piccolo explores common fungal infections of the skin in children, walking through real patient examples of fungal infections such as tinea.

fungal infections
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In this short video, Dr Vincenzo Piccolo explores common fungal infections of the skin in children. He walks through several real patient examples, defining the clinical characteristics and dermoscopic findings of various fungal skin infections you might see in your practice.

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Fungal infections are common among children and can affect various parts of their bodies. One of the most prevalent fungal infections in children is known as tinea corporis, or ringworm. Ringworm appears as a red, circular rash with raised edges and a clear centre, resembling a ring. It can occur on the scalp, body, or groin area and is highly contagious.

Dr Piccolo walks us through several clinical cases with photographs (including dermoscopic images) of various fungal infections on the skin, scalp and genitals, including tinea. He shares common mistakes that some doctors make when diagnosing and treating these skin conditions.

Preventing fungal infections in children involves practising good hygiene. Encourage children to wash their hands regularly, especially after playing outdoors or participating in activities that may expose them to fungi. It is also important to teach them not to share personal items like towels, combs, or hats to minimise the risk of spreading fungal infections. Keeping the skin clean and dry can also help prevent fungal growth. Ensure that children wear breathable clothing and change out of wet clothes or swimsuits promptly. In addition, maintaining a clean living environment, including regularly washing beddings, can reduce the likelihood of fungal infections. 

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Watch the full video with Dr Vincenzo Piccolo:

Warning: This video contains graphic medical images of children.


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