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Skin Cancer Surgery

Start anytime online and enjoy the flexibility to study at your own pace with Australia’s only university assured online health and medicine courses. Optional practical workshops available in Australia.

Doctors practicing skin cancer surgery

Program overview

Surgery is still considered the most effective skin cancer treatment. With limited access to surgeons and year-long waiting lists at public hospitals, patients depend on skilled general practitioners who can offer an immediate solution to their concerns.

  • Thee-part program tailored for general practitioners.
  • Acquire and hone various surgical techniques in the management of more complex skin cancer cases
  • Grow your practice and increase your revenue. 
  • Minimise referrals and become a referral option for your peers.
  • Quality-assured by Bond University and CPD-accredited.
Study fully online or online with a one-day practical workshop.

Professional Certificate of Skin Cancer Surgery

from $2495

The Professional Certificate course will extend your ability to perform large elliptical excisions, flaps and grafts. You will learn advanced skin cancer surgery techniques for more complex skin cancer cases.

  • Surgical anatomy and skin lines
  • Local anaesthetic blocks
  • Large elliptical excisions
  • Advanced suturing techniques
  • Rotation flaps
  • Advancement flaps
  • Full thickness grafts
  • Dog ear repairs
  • Wound care and various dressings

Advanced Certificate of Skin Cancer Surgery

from $2495

Through the Advanced Certificate course, you will learn and hone advanced skin cancer surgery procedures, including various types of flaps and closure techniques to minimise scarring in cosmetically sensitive areas.

  • Anatomy of the head, neck, face, and limbs
  • Advancement flaps and rhomboid flaps on the face, upper lip and lateral nose
  • Rotational flaps in closure of scalp, cheek and distal limb defects
  • Full-thickness and split-thickness grafts on the face and lower limb defects
  • Closure of ear defects with flaps, grafts and wedges
  • Closure techniques to minimise scarring

Professional Diploma of Skin Cancer Surgery

from $2495

Through the Professional Diploma course, you will learn how to manage skin cancers on anatomically complex and sensitive areas, including the nose, eyelids, ears, lips, and lower limbs.

  • Neurovascular island flaps
  • Bilobed flaps
  • Banner and rhomboid flaps
  • V-Y flaps
  • Lip wedges
  • Periorbital defects
  • Case presentations

Study modes

Study 100% online

100% online

Study at your own pace and to your own schedule. Interactivity, discussion, and feedback opportunities are included.

  • View and replay video lectures at your convenience.
  • Participate in online case discussions and interact with your peers.
  • Attend or watch recordings of live tutorials with experts.
  • Ask questions and discuss clinical cases in live tutorials.
  • Complete your assessment online and receive your CPD hours and certificate.
  • Participants who choose to complete the online course will receive the Professional Certificate, Advanced Certificate or Professional Diploma of Skin Cancer Surgery Principles.
Study online and complete a practical workshop

Online + workshop

Complete your course online and receive all the benefits of online study, then put theory into practice at a small-group workshop.

  • Gain hands-on practise in various procedures covered in the course under expert guidance.
  • Workshops are available in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.



HealthCert 365 - a digital CPD library

HealthCert 365

Did you know you can also study most of these course modules in HealthCert 365? 

If you're not interested in pursuing a full certificate or Professional Diploma in this field but simply want to enhance your skills in specific topics covered in this course, you can access the content of this (and almost all other HealthCert courses!) for a flat fee of $995 per year.



Entry requirements and medical course requisites

This medical program is ideal for acquiring and honing various surgical techniques with a special interest in skin cancer surgery. It is tailored for GPs and suitable for medical doctors and International Medical Graduates.

  • Participants of the Professional Certificate of Skin Cancer Surgery should have experience in minor surgical procedures.
  • Participants of the Advanced Certificate course must have successfully completed the Professional Certificate course or have similar qualifications.
  • In order to qualify for the Professional Diploma, participants must complete both certificate courses in sequential order.
  • Participants do not have to pass an IELTS test but, as the courses are delivered in English, proficiency in listening, reading and writing in English is assumed.
  • Participants will require access to a computer/laptop, an internet connection and a basic level of technology proficiency to access and navigate the online learning portal.

Course inclusions

For your one-off investment, you will receive unlimited access to all course content, additional learning materials, ongoing post-course support and more.

  • Online pre-course activity to be completed in your own time.
  • Eight online video modules to be viewed, replayed and completed at your convenience.
  • All presentation slides and further learning materials available for permanent access and download.
  • Instruments and consumables for practical sessions in the optional practical workshop.
  • Post-course online assessment to be completed in your own time within six months of the course start date.
  • Ongoing post-course support in monthly webinars with the opportunity to discuss cases with course presenters.
  • Access to the HealthCert Community with additional free learning opportunities, special offers and other benefits.

University quality-assured and CPD-accredited education provider 

This organisation is an RACGP-accredited CPD provider under the RACGP CPD Program.

RACGP Major Provider
quality assured by Bond University
Postgraduate RPL with Torrens University
Postrgraduate studies with Rila Institute of Health Sciences
Clinical attachment with the Medical University of Vienna
Clinical attachment with the Medical University of Lyon
Clinical attachement with the National Skin Cancer Centres

Professional Certificate of Skin Cancer Surgery

100% online or online with practical workshop

Workshops in: Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney

From $2495

Advanced Certificate of Skin Cancer Surgery

100% online or online with practical workshop

Workshops in: Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney

From $2495

Professional Diploma of Skin Cancer Surgery

100% online or online with practical workshop

Workshops in: Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney

From $2495

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