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How would you manage these lesions on the scalp?

An 83-year-old male presents with history of multiple NMSCs, melanomas in situ, and lentigo maligna. Lesion is noted on his left anterior scalp. What next?

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In this week's case discussion, submitted by Dr Randa Al-Hajali, we look at an 83-year-old male patient who presents for his routine skin check. He has a history of multiple non-melanoma skin cancers, melanomas in situ, and lentigo maligna.

An unusual lesion is noted on his left anterior scalp near an old scar from a previous squamous cell carcinoma.

What do you think of the below images? What would you do?

Clinical image-2

Dermoscopy both lesions

dermoscopy both dermoscopy left dermoscopy right



Here are the pathology reports.

Pathology reports

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