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Skin cancer medicine icon-1

Skin cancer medicine

This three-part Professional Diploma program in Skin Cancer Medicine will not only give you the knowledge required to safely and confidently diagnose and treat the vast majority of skin lesions, but it will also help grow your practice and increase your revenue. 

Online from $1,355 (was $1,595)
Online + workshop from $2,205 (was $2,595)

Skin cancer surgery icon

Skin cancer surgery

Surgery is still considered the most effective skin cancer treatment. This three-part program - tailored for general practitioner training - is ideal for acquiring and honing various surgical techniques in the management of more complex skin cancer cases. This will allow you to minimise referrals and become a referral option for your peers. 

Online: $2,120 (was $2,495)
Online + workshop from $2,970
(was $3,495)

Aesthetic medicine icon-2

Aesthetic medicine

This strictly science-based not company-funded program is quality-assured by Bond University and CPD accredited, and provides medical aesthetics training in the evolving field of aesthetic medicine fully online or online with a one-day practical workshop. 

Online: $2,120 (was $2,495)
Online + workshop: $2,970
(was $3,495)

General dermatology icon-1

General Dermatology

Presented by noted dermatologists, the Professional Diploma of General Dermatology program provides online medical training to teach you how to manage all major dermatological conditions as well as general disease states manifesting through the skin, and help you minimise unnecessary referrals to specialists.

Online: $1,695 (was $1,995)

Dermoscopy icon-1


Acquire in-depth knowledge in dermoscopy that will enable you to assess skin lesions with greater accuracy, detect melanomas in the early stages, and avoid unnecessary excisions. Recognised and developed by members of the International Dermoscopy Society.

Online: $1,695 (was $1,995)

Clinical procedures icon-1

Clinical Procedures

The Professional Certificate of Clinical Procedures is tailored for general practitioner training in a range of foundation and advanced procedures, including the management of commonly encountered surgical problems, local anaesthetic approaches, post-operative care, various suturing techniques,  and joint injections.

Online: $2,120 (was $2,495)
Online + workshop: $2,970
(was $3,495)

Womens health icon-1

Women's Health

Delivered by leading experts in the field, the Professional Diploma of Women’s Health program equips medical professionals with a comprehensive understanding of women’s health issues commonly seen in primary care. Exploring medical conditions and concerns pertinent to female patients, the online medical course will enable you to provide high-demand services and better meet your patients’ needs.

Online: $1,270 (was $1,495)

Mens health icon-1

Men's Health

This program will enable you to better address your patients’ concerns, exploring medical conditions pertinent to male patients such as prostate and penile conditions, STIs, sexual health, depression, fitness, fertility, male-specific cancers, male hair loss and skin conditions, dementia, cardiovascular health, weight control, and more.

Online: $1,270 (was $1,495)

Medical nutrition icon-1

Medical nutrition

This three-part online program is quality assured by Bond University, CPD accredited, and tailored for medical professionals who wish to gain a better understanding of nutrition management in order to improve patient outcomes, especially for those patients with conditions commonly seen in general practice, such as obesity, diabetes, pregnancy, cardiovascular disease, cancer and eating disorders. 

Online: $1,270 (was $1,495)

Medicinal cannabis icon-1

Medicinal Cannabis

The three-part Professional Diploma of Medicinal Cannabis program explores the therapeutic properties and uses of cannabis, equipping medical practitioners with the comprehensive knowledge required to safely prescribe and treat patients with medicinal cannabis in Australia by gaining their medical cannabis certification online.

Online: $1,270 (was $1,495)

VAS icon

Non-scalpel Vasectomy

The Advanced Workshop of Non-Scalpel Vasectomy provides an introduction to this advanced procedure for permanent male fertility control. This practical workshop is ideal for experienced doctors who regularly perform advanced clinical procedures or who already provide traditional vasectomies to their patients, but would like to learn the non-scalpel procedure.

Online + workshop from $1,695 (was $1,995)

IUS icon

IUS Procedures

The Advanced Workshop of Intrauterine Systems provides an introduction to this advanced procedure. This practical workshop will give you a step-by-step guide to the procedure and valuable insight into the safety guidelines you need to know to avoid complications. You will learn what equipment is necessary to achieve the best outcomes for your patients, with the opportunity to practise on simulated models.

Online + workshop: $1,695
(was $1,995)

Geriatric medicine icon-1


Diagnose and manage patients with dementia, osteoporosis and depression; screen patients at risk of falls and fractures and provide fall prevention strategies; manage polypharmacy in elderly patients; identify common end of life presentations and support patients in palliative care; assess the unique dietary needs of older patients; and more.

Online: $1,270 (was $1,495)

Musculoskeletal and sports medicine icon-1

Musculoskeletal & Sports Medicine

Delivered by experts in the field, the three-part Professional Diploma program in Musculoskeletal & Sports Medicine equips medical practitioners with the skills to diagnose and manage patients with musculoskeletal conditions and sports injuries in primary care. 

Online: $1,270 (was $1,495)

Chronic disease and conditions icon-1

Chronic Disease & Conditions

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the management of chronic disease and conditions (including of the heart, lung, gastrointestinal system, kidney, thyroid and eyes; gender-specific chronic health issues; hepatitis; obesity; diabetes; Parkinson's; osteoarthritis; and more) to better support your patients and reduce the impact of comorbidities.

Online: $1,270 (was $1,495)

Respiratory conditions and infections icon-1

Respiratory Conditions & Infections

The online Foundation Certificate of Respiratory Conditions & Infections equips medical practitioners with the knowledge to diagnose, manage and prevent common respiratory illnesses, including asthma, COPD, sinusitis, lung cancer, and upper respiratory tract infections – one of the most common presentations managed in general practice. 

Online: $845 (was $995)

Sexual health icon

Sexual & Reproductive Health

The Foundation Certificate of Domestic Abuse and Violence provides tailored general practitioner training and covers the role of the GP in preventing, intervening, supporting and following up with victims of suspected abuse, in addition to helping vulnerable patients access support services and continuing care.

Online: $1,270 (was $1,495)

Domestic abuse and violence icon-1

Domestic Abuse & Violence

The Foundation Certificate of Domestic Abuse and Violence provides tailored general practitioner training and covers the role of the GP in preventing, intervening, supporting and following up with victims of suspected abuse, in addition to helping vulnerable patients access support services and continuing care.

Online: $845 (was $995)

Immunisation and vaccination icon-1

Immunisation & Vaccination

The Primary Certificate of Immunisation & Vaccination equips medical practitioners with an understanding of the use of vaccines to induce immunity in children, adults and travellers, and against Covid-19, with a focus on vaccine effectiveness, limitations and side effects.

Online: $845 (was $995)

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"Brilliant presenters, very relevant topics and overall great course. It will have a practical application in my clinical practice."

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