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Why I upskilled in skin cancer medicine

Catch the interview with HealthCert alumnus Dr Samanta Samajder on why she became a GP and her experiences with the HealthCert skin cancer courses.

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''I think being a doctor gives you the highest position to help people in the most efficient way.'' In this short interview with Dr Samanta Samajder, the HealthCert alumnus explores her story of becoming a GP, the challenges she faced, and how she practises medicine today. She also shares insights into her educational journey, highlighting the valuable skills she gained in skin cancer management.

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''Being a doctor gives you that feeling you are doing something worthy for the community, for human beings,'' says Dr Samajder, who studied the HealthCert certificate courses in Skin Cancer Medicine.

Dr Samajder tells us about her experiences with the HealthCert skin cancer courses, plus why she thinks it's important for doctors practising in Australia to have skills in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment.

''In Bangladesh where I studied for six years, there was some rotation in skin, but I don't remember if I have ever tried what I learnt today.''

''So I think being a GP in Australia where there is lots of skin cancer patients – I think skin is going to be a big part of my career, so that is why I thought of upskilling myself in this area.''

Dr Samajder goes on, ''If you are working in Australia and as a GP, I think you should have these skills with skin because there will be many patients with skin cancer. You should know how to do a skin check and I think without doing a course, it would be hard.''

Dr Samajder says that the most enjoyable aspect of being a GP is to connect with patients and help them ''and in many ways you're saving lives.''

Watch all this and much more in the full video below.

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