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Practical tips for performing lip filler treatments

Podcast: Dr Helena Rosengren provides practical advice for performing lip filler treatments, with a focus on achieving natural results.

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In this latest podcast, Dr Helena Rosengren provides her practical advice for performing lip filler treatments, with a focus on achieving subtle and natural-looking results, managing patient expectations, dealing with potential complications, and more.

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Listen to the full podcast now:

In this episode of HealthCert's GP Insights podcast, we talk about lip filler with Dr Helena Rosengren, an experienced Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Medicine Physician based in Townsville.

In the podcast, Dr Rosengren discusses:

  1. What lip filler products are made from and how they work.
  2. Which patient demographics typically seek lip filler treatments, and what kind of concerns patients are hoping to address.
  3. Patients she avoids treating with lip filler.
  4. How to plan out lip filler treatment, including what's involved in the initial consultation and the planning process.
  5. Top tips for helping practitioners achieve a natural and subtle look rather than the dreaded ''duck lips'' look.
  6. How she deals with patients wanting more lip filler against her recommendations, including how she addresses these concerns and manages patient expectations.
  7. Adverse events a practitioner should be aware of before performing lip fillers on a patient.
  8. How to manage potential complications with lip filler treatments.
  9. Advice for practitioners interested in starting out offering lip fillers, and how can they get started.
  10. The challenges a practitioner might encounter when they start out offering lip fillers, and her advice for overcoming those challenges.

Hear all this and much more in the full podcast above!


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