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Excisional biopsy of pigmented lesions: Marking an area of concern

A/Prof Tony Dicker demonstrates how to sample a pigmented lesion and highlight to the pathologist one particular part of the lesion you're concerned about.

excisional biopsy
HealthCert Education
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Associate Professor Tony Dicker gives a short presentation to demonstrate a technique of sampling a pigmented lesion and highlighting to the pathologist one particular part of the lesion that you are concerned about.

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In the video, A/Prof Dicker demonstrates how you can effectively mark a tissue sample to indicate to the pathologist which particular part of the lesion you wish to draw their attention to.

He uses a real patient case to walk through the technique, with step-by-step advice and tips for improving your biopsy process and efficacy.

See all this and more in the full video below!

Watch the full video now:


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