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How to easily meet your CPD requirements as a busy GP

Dr Hamilton Ayres walks through how he meets his annual 50 hours' CPD, plus his top tips and hacks to get the most out of a HealthCert 365 subscription.

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We asked Dr Hamilton Ayres – a GP with a special interest in skin cancer practising in Melbourne – to walk us through his real first impressions of the HealthCert 365 platform. 

He showed us how he uses the platform and which modules he selected to suit his special interest field, plus his top tips to get the most out of the annual HealthCert 365 subscription to meet the annual CPD requirements with one easy-to-use tool.

What is HealthCert 365?

HealthCert 365 is your one central location to track all CPD activities and hours, with structured 50-hour CPD programs available on specific topics, as well as access to short CPD modules on topics of interest.

The CPD subscription platform allows you to select, complete, track, and submit your annual 50 hours across all three CPD categories. Some of the tailor-made features include a PDP builder with template, ready-made 50-hour CPD programs, 200+ university-assured CPD activity types, a dashboard to log and track all your CPD in one place, and more!

Your subscription for only $83 per month (paid annually) also gives you access to HealthCert's university quality-assured content at a flat, low price with significant savings.

Join HealthCert 365 now for just $83 per month with 7 days free trial!

Watch the full video with Dr Hamilton Ayres


Catch Dr Ayres' first impressions of the platform, including:

  • How he used HealthCert 365 to put together his own PDP to align with his field of special interest and meet the 50-hour annual requirement.
  • Walk-through of the activities he selected and why, including complementary modules in dermatology and general practice that have allowed him to become a better doctor and teacher.
  • His advice to meet the CPD with ease, including tips for upskilling while taking care of a young family, leveraging practice meetings to accrue CPD hours, and how to make the most of tools like your phone.
  • How HealthCert 365 has helped him to better understand and meet the new CPD requirements through comprehensive information and bite-sized learning modules all in one place.
  • How HealthCert 365 has helped him to refresh his skills after the upheaval of Covid-19 and be less stressed because he feels competent and confident in diagnosing his patients.
  • His favourite features of HealthCert 365 that benefited him most as a GP working full-time in a skin cancer clinic.
  • How HealthCert 365 suited his needs and expectations, including his first-hand assessment on the user-friendliness of the platform.
  • The time commitment required to use HealthCert 365, and whether it was flexible to his schedule.

What next?

Our Education Advisors are available to speak with you in-depth about your education goals and CPD requirements if you need any additional support. Please feel free to reach out.

Join HealthCert 365 now for just $83 per month with 7 days free trial!


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