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Skin & Skin Cancer Conference with Prof Michael Henderson

Prof Michael Henderson invites you to join him at the Skin & Skin Cancer Conference upcoming in Brisbane in July 2024.

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Professor Michael Henderson invites you to join him in Brisbane in July for his talk on treatments for advanced keratinocyte cancers at the Skin & Skin Cancer Conference.

Your invitation from Prof Michael Henderson:


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The Conference will delve into all aspects of skin and skin cancer medicine, addressing topical questions, challenges, interests, and frustrations you encounter in your daily practice. 

Convened by Profs David Wilkinson and Tony Dicker, the one-and-a-half-day event in Brisbane on 20-21 July 2024 brings together a diverse group of local and global experts to deliver in-depth discussions and grapple with emerging topics of interest to any doctor involved in skin.

Above, watch Prof Michael Henderson's short video invitation to learn more about the topic he will cover during the Conference: treatment options for advanced keratinocyte cancers. The talk will cover the management of advanced cutaneous malignancy with a focus on developments in management of these patients, highlighting new and evolving treatment strategies + indications, results and toxicity of treatment.

Prof Henderson is Professor of Surgery at The University of Melbourne and a Surgeon in the Melanoma & Skin Service at Peter Mac.

Don't miss this opportunity to attend Australia's premier skin education event, learn from the best, elevate your knowledge, and improve outcomes in your practice!

Secure your place now to save $200.

Skin & Skin Cancer Conference and Masterclasses


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