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Approaches to melanoma diagnosis: What we do and why

A discussion on approaches for biopsying suspected melanoma with Prof Cliff Rosendahl and A/Prof Jim Muir at the Skin & Skin Cancer Conference in Brisbane.

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In their talks as part of the Skin & Skin Cancer Conference upcoming in Brisbane in July, Prof Cliff Rosendahl and A/Prof Jim Muir will present their approaches to the initial diagnosis and biopsy of melanoma, discussing the rationale behind both excisional biopsies and shave procedures, with questions welcome from the audience.

Moderated by Prof David Wilkinson, this conversation is an ideal opportunity to hear from two leading experts in the field as they discuss their individual approaches to melanoma biopsies - including what methods they prefer and why - so you can be better informed about the processes you adopt in your own practice.

Approaches to melanoma diagnosis: What we do and why

Excisional biopsies
A discussion with
Prof Cliff Rosendahl

Shave procedures
A discussion with
A/Prof Jim Muir

The management of melanoma involves several links in a chain of critical actions. The clinician has a choice of biopsy options which should be selected according to benefits for the patient – not the doctor. In this talk, doctors will be empowered to know why the default choice should be excisional biopsy, as well as when and why alternatives are appropriate. The topic is fascinating as a source of controversy, but from the viewpoint of patient safety, the resolution is a no-brainer! Shave procedures are a widely used, effective and safe diagnostic and therapeutic technique in the management of skin disease. Although routinely used in melanoma management by specialist dermatologists, uptake by GPs has been needlessly limited. Discussion of the topic is often clouded by misinformation, misunderstanding and no small degree of emotion. This talk will address (and dispel) the many myths surrounding shave procedures. Importantly, the pitfalls and when not to shave will be explored. The relevant literature and case studies drawn from A/Prof Muir's own practice will be used to illustrate the utility of this simple procedure.

Australia's premier skin education event will address topical questions and challenges you encounter in your daily practice and grapple with emerging areas of interest for any doctor involved in skin cancer or general dermatology.

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