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HealthCert Education is proud to work with our generous partners, who are passionately committed to GP education and the delivery of superior services to patients.

INFOCUS – Intrauterine systems
from theory to practice
A program for doctors with a special interest in contraception. Participants will gain knowledge on Bayer IUS products and hands-on experience on a high-fidelity simulator.

PP-PF-WHC-IUS-AU-0065-1. October 2021. Bayer Australia Ltd. Pymble NSW 2073
DermLive International
event invitation
You are invited to discover the latest science behind skin repair and sun protection at the upcoming international education event on 18 November. Register for this new and immersive virtual experience today!

Benefits of the DermaSensor device when assessing suggestive skin lesions
Learn about the DermaSensor device and why it should be integrated into the standard of care for the assessment of patients with equivocal skin lesions.
Webinar: Medicinal cannabis
and mental health
Join Dr Joe Kosterich and Professor Sergio Starkstein as they investigate medical cannabis and its use in mental health. Register for this free webinar and gain insights into this growing field of medicine.
Patient follow-up
and recall systems
Learn about implementing a recall and reminder system for the follow up of tests, results, referrals and appointments in the practice is essential for continuing care and preventative care.
Optimise results & reduce downtime with CALECIM Professional
Learn more about the science behind CALECIM Professional - The world’s only skincare powered by ethically derived red deer umbilical cordlining stem cells.

ASAP online educational
webinars calendar
Check out and join any number of ASAP's upcoming training events and learn how to consult, educate and treat your clients as well as boost your business.  

Webinar: Perspectives on
healthcare innovations
Join Bond University’s upcoming Healthcare Innovation panel and hear the journeys of three healthcare entrepreneurs and the challenges they've faced, including the gaps between developing a good idea, addressing a practical problem, and becoming viable. Attend online or in person at Bond University. Wednesday, 10 November 2021, 5.30pm – 7.30pm.
DermEngine: Complimentary
MoleScope II
Take advantage of a 30% discount plus a complimentary Molescope II to all new DermEngine contracts signed in the month of November.

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