Giving back: Determined to make a difference

Determined to Make a Difference

One of our core values is that we are “determined to make a difference”, and we work hard every day to do our part in making the world a better place. Through HealthCert and in collaboration with other organisations, we provide doctors with valuable education aiming to improve the availability and delivery of primary care in our local communities and globally. 


The HealthCert Doctors for Development Scholarship was established to provide access to quality education in the areas of skin cancer medicine and dermatology for physicians who practise in the world's least developed countries and are committed to providing care to their patients despite difficult circumstances. The goal of the scholarship is to enable these doctors to achieve better patient outcomes in their home countries by applying and sharing the knowledge they acquired in the online certificate courses delivered by HealthCert.

The scholarship is available to physicians who work in general practice and who volunteer some of their time to care for patients in need. Eligible physicians must permanently reside and practise in a developing country. Non-native English speaking applicants must have sufficient proficiency in the English language to be able to follow the video lectures and participate in forum discussions. Participants must have basic computer skills and have access to the internet.


"The training offered as part of the Doctors for Development scholarship program is invaluable. I learned so much and my community is already noticing many positive changes in pathology management. I can provide quality care to the local people and I am also delivering radio broadcasts to inform them about skin and venereal diseases in Guinea. I am now participating in the practical and theoretical training of medical students. This training has been a totally positive change for us, and I hope to benefit from the complete program in order to be more competitive and to contribute even further to the community."

- Dr I. Traoré, Guinea

Read more about how the Doctors for Development Scholarship has benefited Dr Traoré and his community in this report.


We are proud to support UK’s most popular education program for GPs. In 2014, GP Update set up a social enterprise, Primary Care International (PCI), to extend its reach outside of the UK. Revenue from GP Update courses delivered by HealthCert will be used to support PCI’s operational costs as it develops projects in low and middle-income countries. These projects include health worker training on Non-Communicable Diseases in refugee camps and other humanitarian settings, as well as partnering with African organisations to test new approaches to primary care through a Healthcare Innovation Programme.




Currently funded projects include:

  • WHO – Strengthening NCD care in Syria
    After delivering critical Non-Communicable Disease training to primary care physicians in Northern Syria for the World Health Organisation (WHO) last year, PCI are pleased to have further developed that partnership with a package of support agreed in Jordan, where a team supports cross-border operations in South Syria.
  • Health Builders – health systems support in Rwanda
    PCI recently launched a new collaboration with Health Builders, who have spent nearly a decade developing and strengthening health systems in Rwanda. Through a structured process of engagement with local primary care facilities, staff are mentored as they work to improve their management performance in areas such as human resources, infrastructure, finances and pharmacy systems.
  • AMPATH – micro-finance as an entry point to community health care
    This project will see PCI work with AMPATH to pilot and extend a model of care called BIGPIC in which microfinance groups serve as an entry point in a comprehensive range of economic and health services. This approach
    incentivises take-up of and adherence to NCD treatment as well as breaking the cycle of poverty.
  • Population Services International Myanmar - Tackling Diabetes and Hypertension in Primary Care 
    PMI works with local partners to strengthen clinical knowledge of diabetes and hypertension amongst primary care practitioners in Yangon, Myanmar, it sounded straightforward enough.


HealthCert supports the professional development of GP Registrars through a special scholarship. Doctors in training who are on a recognised pathway to General Practice Registration through a recognised training provider receive a HealthCert Scholarship of $500 for all face-to-face certificate courses and $350 for all online certificate courses.

GPs are expected to manage patients with skin cancer and other dermatological concerns in primary care, especially if they take a position in regional areas with very limited access to specialist care. However, these subjects are often undertaught at medical schools and GPs entering the workforce might feel underequipped to manage these patients. The HealthCert certificate courses aim to equip the doctors with the necessary skills to manage these conditions with confidence and improve patient outcomes in primary care. The courses also offer an essential step towards subspecialisation for doctors who wish to make skin cancer medicine, aesthetic medicine or dermatology the focus of their work.


With the majority of skin cancer work managed in primary care, every practising GP should have fundamental skin cancer diagnosis skills to help improve patient outcomes and save lives. The free online course is based on the suite of university quality-assured skin cancer certificate courses which have been attended by thousands of medical professionals worldwide. The objective of the short course is to provide GPs with the fundamental knowledge required to screen and identify suspicious skin lesions in a busy general practice.


    How to provide a systematic, best-practice full-body skin cancer examination for patients.
    How to identify and manage suspicious skin lesions.
    How to use dermoscopy in assessing suspicious skin lesions and minimise the risk of missing an obvious melanoma.
    How to use the Three Point Checklist to assess lesions, including training images and case discussions.



Professor David Wilkinson


Professor Wilkinson is a general practitioner and public health medicine specialist. He has published research papers on skin cancer, designed and led the development of the only Master of Medicine degree in skin cancer, and helped develop a suite of skin cancer certificate courses for general practitioners.


Million-Meters-Team-2018-Low-Res_jpg236--002-HealthCert partnered with the Skin Cancer Institute to become a bronze sponsor of the Million Metres for Melanoma initiative. Together, we share the vision of a world where nobody dies from skin cancer.

The fundraising event, held on 16 October 2018, saw the MM4M team attempt to break the world record for the fastest team to run one million metres on a treadmill. All proceeds were donated towards building a new melanoma unit at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

In April 2016, the MM4M team broke the world record for the fastest team to row one million metres on an indoor rowing machine. That three-day event raised over $132,000 towards providing support for individuals and families during their fight against melanoma.

The 11-man MM4M team is headed by Chris Conyard, who lost his sister-in-law to melanoma in November 2015 and has since vowed to help those who are also fighting the disease.


Supporting the Development of Malaria Vaccine

We are proudly supporting the Rotary Clubs of Southport and Broadbeach who have initiated a fundraising project to aid further development of a Malaria vaccine created by Griffith University. There are around 3.2 billion people living in Malaria endemic areas worldwide and, in 2015, there were approximately 438,000 deaths – mostly children under five years. Vaccination is the key to eradicating the disease but, despite international efforts, no such vaccine exists.

Please help us support this promising project by donating to Rotary. The funds will help progress the vaccine into the next stage of clinical trials.

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