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Surgery is still considered the most effective and definitive skin cancer treatment. For general practitioners, these skills offer an immediate solution to patient concerns and allows their practice to minimise referrals whilst becoming a referral option amongst peers.

The following video module is part of our Professional Certificate of Skin Cancer Surgery, ideal for GPs acquiring and honing various surgical techniques, including how to perform large elliptical excisions and different types of flaps and grafts. This will allow you to assess and manage more complex skin cancer cases in your practice.

The following module with Dr Tony Dicker looks at ellipses – the basics, best practices and performing a surgical ellipse.

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Professional Certificate of Skin Cancer Surgery

Topics Covered

  • Surgical anatomy and skin lines
  • Local anaesthetic blocks
  • Large elliptical excisions*
  • Advanced suturing techniques*
  • Rotation flaps*
  • Advancement flaps*
  • Full-thickness grafts*
  • Dog ear repairs*
  • Wound care and various dressings

Course Delivery

The course is suitable for GPs and International Medical Graduates, and assumes no prior knowledge or training in the field. 

The course is delivered in a one-day practical workshop + online theory: Complete the theoretical course component online and attend a one-day practical workshop with supervised skills practice.

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A great course to enhance skin cancer management from a GP perspective. I've learnt more this weekend and consolidated my experience with new skills which I hope will help improve my patient care to the next level. I gained a lot of practical experience and learnt more about the business aspect of skin cancer management.

Dr D. D'Souza, QLD



Upon successful completion of the course requirements, you will receive the HealthCert Professional Certificate and accreditation points from RACGP/ACRRM.

RACGP CPD Accredited Activity 40 Points

- PDP units: 18 Educational activity, 8 Performance review
- MOPs points: 3
- 2 days under the Surgery Rural Procedural Training Grant

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