Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre - This is the last time these courses will run in Western Australia. 
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Professional Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine

Next opportunity: 9-10 November 2019 in Perth

Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Understand the fundamentals required to effectively diagnose skin cancer and perform basic treatments in the primary care setting. You will learn:

  • Skin anatomy and histology
  • Diagnosis with dermoscopy
  • Benign and malignant skin lesions
  • Melanoma management
  • Dermatopathology
  • Topical treatment options
  • Punch and shave biopsies
  • Elliptical excisions and suturing
  • Workflow and medicare billing

"This has been one of my best learning experiences. The course was as advertised and surpassed my expectations." - Dr K. Clare, TAS

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Advanced Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine

Next opportunity: 9-10 November 2019 in Perth

Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Consolidate essential knowledge with more advanced dermatoscopy, broaden your therapeutic options, and practise performing large elliptical excisions and grafts. You will learn:

  • Advanced dermoscopy
  • Curettage and cautery
  • Diathermy
  • Advanced biopsy techniques
  • Topical treatment options
  • Local anaesthetics
  • Incisions/haemostasis
  • Large elliptical excisions
  • Lower leg grafts
  • Suturing techniques, including "paper-thin" skin

"This course builds up your confidence for doing common procedures like shave excision, curettes and burning, and elliptical excisions." - Dr K. Punyatrong, QLD

Other locations include:


Professional Certificate of Skin Cancer Surgery 

Next opportunity: 9-10 November 2019 in Perth

Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Learn advanced skin cancer surgery techniques for more complex skin cancer cases in highly practical program. You will learn:

  • Surgical anatomy and skin lines
  • Local anesthetic blocks
  • Large elliptical excisions
  • Advanced suturing techniques
  • Rotation flaps
  • Advancement flaps
  • Full-thickness grafts
  • Dog ear repairs
  • Wound care and various dressings

"Fantastic weekend full of practical application supported by clinicians with a wealth of experience and teaching expertise - well done." - Dr E. Stafford, NSW

Other locations include:


Professional Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine

Next opportunity: 9-10 November 2019 in Perth

Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Develop solid foundation knowledge in aesthetic principles and the safe practice of quick, highly requested and low-cost-to-deliver aesthetic treatments for clinical conditions. You will learn:

  • Concepts of aesthetic medicine, facial ageing and skin classifications.
  • Facial anatomy, facial anaesthesia and planning of cosmetic procedures.
  • Introduction to chemical peels and topical skin treatments
  • Introduction to chemical composition and safe practice of Botulinum toxin
  • Introduction to dermal fillers and basic filler techniques
  • How to integrate aesthetic services into your practice

"The Professional Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine was a wonderful experience and I will definitely inculcate my learning into my future practice. The course is very useful in general practice for anyone interested in aesthetic medicine." - Dr N. Ahmed, WA


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